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Mustafa Jarrar
Associate Professor
Computer Science, Birzeit University
Associate professor of Computer Science, at Birzeit University in Palestine. He was a Fulbright visiting professor at the University at Buffalo in the USA (2016-2017), a Marie Curie fellow at the University of Cyprus (2007-2009), and a senior research scientist at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (1999-2007), where he completed his Masters (2000) and PhD (early 2005). Prof. Jarrar published +75 articles and refereed reports in the areas of Ontology Engineering, Lexical Semantics, Natural Language processing, Semantic Web, and Databases. He chaired 23 international workshops, a PC member of +100s journals/conferences, a coordinator/manager of 25 large EU project, a full member of the IFIP2.6 on Database Semantics, the IFIP2.12 on Web Semantics, and the UN ESCWA Technology Centre Board of Governors, among others. Prof. Jarrar is also the founder of both Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Language Technologies, and the Palestinian eGovernment Academy . He also was voluntarily serving as an advisor at the Palestinian ministry of Telecom & IT for e-government topics, where he developed and chaired the Palestinian e-Government Interoperability Framework (called Zinnar). بالعربيه

Research Interest
Ontology Engineering: Multilingual/Linguistic Ontologies, Conceptual Modeling, Upper-Level Ontologies
Natural Language: Lexical Semantics, Arabic Natural Language Processing, Lexical Databases, Thesaurus and Dictionary Engineering, Dialects.
Data Engineering: Big Data, Graph Databases, Information Systems, Query formulation, Data Semantics, Conceptual data Modeling (ORM, EER, UML).
Web: Semantic Web, Data Web, Linked-Data, OWL, RDF, SPARQL, Web 2.0, Data Mashups.
Logic: Description Logic, Business Rules, Reasoning, Verbalization, Graphical Notations.

Applications: Data Governance, eGovernment, Data Integration, Interoperability, Digital Libraries, Cultural Heritage, HR and Skills, Legal Knowledge Bases.
Technical: Java, C++, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, XML, DBA, SQL, Oracle, MYSQL, ORM, EER, UML, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process modeling.

Grants and Projects

1. Arabic Lemon:(Principal Investigator
16000$ from Birzeit University. 12 Months,[December 2018-December 2019]
To modenize and represent Arabic lexical resources using the W3C’s Lemon Model
2. Google Faculty Research Award: (51040$, Unrestricted Gift)
To foster R&D activities related to publishing a large-scale lexicon database for Arabic.
3. MOSIAC: (Palestinian Partner)
798,000 EURO from EU-FP7, No. 612076, 13 Partners, 24 Months[2014-2015].
To foster R&D cooperation between EU and Mediterranean countries on ICT and its support in EU-MED societal challenges.
4. Arabic Ontology:(Principal Investigator)
14500$ seed funding from Birzeit University, [2010 - Open Ended].
To develop an Arabic Ontology, a formal specification of the concepts of all Arabic words, similar to Arabic WordNet, but with ontological principles.
5. VerbMesh:(Principal Investigator
11500$ from Birzeit University. 18 Months,[July 2014-Jan16]
To develop a large-scale graph of the Arabic verbs, and their inflectional relations.
6. Curras:(Principal Investigator)
35000$ from the Research Council- Ministry Of Higher Education, 36 months [Dec 2013-Dec 15]. To develop a well-annotated corpus of the Palestinian Arabic dialect.
7. Zinnar - The Palestinian e-Government Interoperability Framework: (Inventor and Principal Architect)
Voluntary Consultancy for the Palestinian Government - Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology.
A framework to enable e-governmental and e-services in Palestine (adopted by all ministries).
8. SIERA:(Coordinator)
560,000€ from EU FP7 (No. 295006), 5 Partners, 36 months (Oct'2011-Sep'2014).
Building Multilingual and Multi-cultural Knowledge Sharing Technologies.
9. Palestinian e-Governance Academy (PalGov I): (Coordinator)
564,964€ from EU-TEMPUS (No. 511159), 11 partners, 24 months [2010-2012]
Capacity building for Palestinian ministries to gain the know-how for implementing  e-government services, in three main areas (interoperability, security, IT-laws).
10. GovSeer: (Partner)
50,000€ from CooperLink-Italy, 2 partners, 18 months [2010-2012].
Ontology-Based Interoperability of e-Government Services.
11. MashQL:
To develop a novel approach for querying the Data Web (Web 3.0)
12. SEARCHiN: (EU Marie Curie actions)
SEARCHing In a Networked world.
13. Knowledge Web: (6,700,000€, EU FP6-IST-2002-507482 Networks of Excellence, [Jan'04-Dec'07] )
Supporting the transition of Ontology technology from Academia to Industry.
14. Innovanet: (EU FP5-IST-2001-38422)
Innovation engineering for the support of scientific discovery
15. CCFORM: (594,591€, EU FP5-IST-2001-34908 Networks of Excellence, [June'02-Nov'03] )
Consumer Complaint FORM for online resolution mechanisms.
16. OntoWeb: (1,865,799€, EU FP5-IST-2000-29243 Thematic network, [June'01-May'04] )
Ontology-based Information Exchange for Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce.
17. Namic: (2,601,085€, EU FP5-IST-1999-12392 CSC, [Mar'00-Feb'02] )
News Agencies Multilingual Information Categorization
18. IrisWeb: (DWTC funded)
On ontology-based browsing in a (digital) library.
19. POLARIS: (VUB funded)
To develop a prototype of a next generation Digital University Library system.
20. DOGMA:(VUB funded)
To develop Ontology-Guided Mediation of Applications. A framework for engineering and deploying formal ontologies.

Professional Memberships:
  1. Member: National E-Government Core Team, (2010 - Present)
  2. Member: Marie Curie Alumni Association, (2015 - Present)
  3. Cofounder and Secretariat: The Ontology Outreach Advisory,(2006 - 2012)
  4. Member: CEN/ISSS ICT Skills And Curricula (2006 - 2007)
  5. Member: IFIP Working Group 2.6 On Databases, (2003 - Present)

Roles at Birzeit University:
  1. Director: Computing Master Program (2010 - 2013)
  2. Member: University's Scientific Research Committee (2010 - 2014, 2017-on)

Guest Editor

Organization of Conferences
  1. Discussion Panel on Cross-Lingual Mapping Semantics, at the 7th Global WordNet conference, in Tartu, Estonia.

Referee in Journals:

Program Committee Member in Conferences:
  1. + others

    PhD Students:
  1. Co-Supervisor: Mamoun Abu Hellu: Cross-Lingual Mapping of Lexical Ontologies with Automatic Translation. Birzeit University and Milano Beccoca University in Italy. (2012 -2016)
  2. Examiner: Shastri Lakshman Nimmagadda, Ontology Based Data Warehousing for Mining of Heterogeneous and Multidimensional Data Sources, Curtin University, Australia
  3. Examiner: Ingrid Pappel, Paperless: Management as a Foundation for the Application of e-Governance in Local Governments. Tallinn University Of Technology, Estonia
  4. Examiner: Nazir Ahmad Sharif: Specification for an Ontology Server Assisting a Player to Commit to an Ontology for Interoperating Information Systems. University of Queensland. Australia. 2009.

    Masters and BA Students (selected):
  5. Supervisor(MS): Diana Al-Hafi: User Experience Evaluation For Birzeit Linguistic Search Engine. Birzeit University. [2019]
  6. Examiner(MS): Abdulfattah Safa: Enhancing Quality Arabic Web Content through Multilingual Information Retrieval. Birzeit University. [2018]
  7. Examiner(MS): Mohamad Ateeq: Speech Based Call System to evaluate the meaning and Grammar Errors in English. Birzeit University. [2018]
  8. Examiner(MS): Abd-aljabar Huroob: Using Computational Linguistics Applications in Arabic Language - Vocalizer and Summarizer as Models. Birzeit University. [2018]
  9. Supervisor(MS): Eman Karajah: Towards Building an Arabic Thesaurus Automatically. Birzeit University. [2015]
  10. Supervisor(MS): Diyam Akra: Towards Building a Corpus for Palestinian Dialect. Birzeit University. [2015]
  11. Examiner(MS): Mahmoud El-Askary : An Ontology-Based Approach for Diagnosing Date Palm Diseases. Islamic University of Gaza. [2015]
  12. Examiner(MS): Dua Awwad: Performance Analysis For Business Process Modeling Notation, at Palestinian Polytechnic University. (2014)
  13. Supervisor(MS): Rana Rishmawi: Towards Building an Arabic Upper Level Ontology. Birzeit University. (2013).
  14. Examiner(MS): Yahya Dalluol: An Ontology-Based Approach to Support the Process of Judging Hadith Isnad. Islamic University of Gaza. [2013]
  15. Examiner(MS): Rana Abdo: Ontology-based Digital Libraries, at AlQuds University, 2014
  16. Supervisor(MS): Mohammad Melhem M: Advanced Matching Function towards linking Arabic Ontology with the English WordNet. Birzeit University. (2013).
  17. Supervisor(MS): Rami Kalil: Mapping ORM into OWL2 and Back. Birzeit University.(2012)
  18. Co-Supervisor(MS): Georgiou M: Semantic Web Pipes. Cyprus University. 2009.
  19. Co-Supervisor(MS): Savvides C: Semantic Data Mashups. Cyprus University. 2009.
  20. Supervisor(MS): Al-Damag M: Mapping ORM into DIG. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2006.
  21. Supervisor(BA): Deik A, Farraj B, Hawash A: Querying the Data Web. Birzeit University. 2009.
  22. Supervisor(BA): Al-Badawi M, Aish S, Samara H: Towards Building an Arabic Ontology. Birzeit University. 2009.
  23. Supervisor(BA): Manoli A: Semantic Mashups at the Browser Side. Cyprus University. 2009.
  24. Supervisor(BA): Gielen G: Gloss Support in Ontology Modeling. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2007.
  25. Supervisor(MS): Ugurel A: Ontology-driven Web Forms. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2007.
  26. Supervisor(MS): Yan Gu: incorporating SUMO into DOGMA. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2007.
  27. Supervisor(MS): Hoang H: Verbalization of Ontologies. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2005.
  28. Supervisor(MS): Murhaf M: Generation of RDF from Databases. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2004.
  29. Supervisor(BA): Demey J: Realizing Ontological Commitments. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2003.
  30. Supervisor(MS): Lisovoy A: DogmaModeler: Ontology Modeling. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2003.
  31. Supervisor(MS): W. Wang: Ontologization of WordNet. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2002.
  32. Supervisor(MS): M. Orzu: Ontology mining from Databases. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2002.
  33. Supervisor(BA): P. Segers: Semantic-based Digital libraries. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 2001.

Consultancy Services:
  1. Proposal Evaluator, EU TEMPUS Program - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  2. Proposal Evaluator, EU Erasmus Mundus Program - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  3. Ministry Advisor, E-Government Program - Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology
  4. GIS and Spatial databases Expert, Palestinian Municipalities.
  5. Data Governance Expert, Data-Driven Migration e-Governance, Palestinian Government.
  6. Academic Evaluator, conducted several academic evaluations for EU/Arab researchers and research projects

Tools and Databases:
  1. Linguistic Search Engine The largest Arabic lexical database: Arabic Ontology + 150 Arabic dictionaries.
  2. Arabic Ontology An Arabic WordNet but with ontologically clean content
  3. Curras A well-annotated Corpus for the Palestinian Dialect (about 55K words)
  4. Zinnar (The Palestinian e-Government Interoperability Framework)
  5. MashQL (A novel approach for querying the Data Web (Web 3.0))
  6. DogmaModeler (an ontology modeling tool based on ORM)
  7. ORM Markup language 3 (an XML-based serialization for ORM diagrams)
  8. ORM verbalizor (Multilingual verbalization for ORM in 11 languages)
  9. CContology An ontology for Customer Complaint Management