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Customer Complaint Ontology

The "Complaint Resolutions" module

Final Draft 21 May 2005

The diagram below shows the Complaint Resolutions module. It represents a taxonomy of the most common complaint resolutions. A ‘Complaint Resolution’ is defined in the CC-Glossary as “A determination for settling or solving a complaint problem(s)”. It can be requested by a complainant or offered by a complaint-recipient. A ‘Complaint Resolution’ can be an ‘Economic Resolution’, a ‘Symbolic Resolution’, or an ‘Information Correction’.

For the definition of each vocabulary in this diagram please see the CC-Glossary. Notice that according to our ontology design, each relation in this diagram is a lexon in the CC-Lexons; this methodological principle is called Ontology double-articulation.

This module is represented using the ORM graphical notation. The ORM markup (i.e. the XML-based serialization) of this diagram can be found below.


ORM representation

ORM Markup: