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Customer Complaint Ontology

The "Contract" module

Final Draft 21 May 2005

The diagram below shows the Contract module. A ‘Contract’ is defined in the CC-Glossary as “a binding agreement, between two or more legal persons, that is enforceable by law”. Under this definition, an invoice can also be a contract. This module specifies the information that should be provided for a contract associated with a ‘Purchase Phase Problem’ or ‘Post-purchase Phase Problem’. Notice that we speak of a ‘Contract’ from the moment there is a ‘Contract Order Date’.

For the definition of each vocabulary in this diagram please see the CC-Glossary. Notice that according to our ontology design, each relation in this diagram is a lexon in the CC-Lexons; this methodological principle is called Ontology double-articulation.

This module is represented using the ORM graphical notation. The verbalization (i.e. the pseudo-natural-language reading) of the rules in this diagram, and the ORM markup (i.e. the XML-based serialization) of this diagram can be found below.


ORM representation


Each Contract must Has at least one Contract Order Date. (Mandatory)
Each Delivery must has at least one Address. (Mandatory)
Each Delivery must has at least one Schedule. (Mandatory)
Each Delivery should has Services or has Goods. (Uniqueness)
Each Contract must has at most one Sales Office. (Uniqueness)
Each Goods must be is_of at most one Delivery. (Uniqueness)
Each Services must is_of at most one Delivery. (Uniqueness)

ORM Markup: